Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coming soon to a conference near you...

I've been given the opportunity to present at two different conferences in October: the Bridging the Gap conference in Raleigh on October 28th and the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference on October 30-31. I'll be going over my Kinetic Notebooks at Bridging the Gap and my arts integrated lessons for Math 1 at NCCTM.

I've presented at NCCTM multiple times and loved it. This will be my first time at Bridging the Gap but I've heard great things about the conference and I'm looking forward to attending. Unfortunately, they both fall on the last week of the quarter so no sleep for me that week!

I'm also going to EdCamp NC on September 27th with no set plans to present, but you never know what will happen at EdCamp.

Hopefully I'll see you out there somewhere.

In the meantime, good luck with the ramp up for school. I'm carving out a couple of hours this morning on vacation because it's starting to get real. At least if I have to work on vacation, it comes with a great view!